Zwangere Guy

Zwanger In Japan’, our brand new documentary in which we follow Zwangere Guy on his first trip to Japan is out now. Other than a notebook of rhymes and a boatload of boundless energy, the Brussels-based rapper brought his friend, producer and DJ, UM! (pronounced as ‘Umi’) with him. The 22-year-old Umi Defoort is a special case. Born in a family of professional musicians and raised in a city that breathes hip hop, it was always clear which path he was going to take. Before summer, UM! dropped his first single, Enelix, which features Jazz, Le 77 and Zwangere Guy himself, plus a Class-A video by Kurt De Leijer – and a debut album is just around the corner. We were curious to see how he met Zwangere Guy, how he experienced this insane trip to the land of the rising sun and what he learned from going back to the land of his roots.

Zwangere Guy



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